Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Right360How ToChange Homepage – Start PageChange Edge Homepage to Right360

Change Edge Homepage to Right360

Pre-Steps (Tip/Optional)

  • BLUF: Some browsers have a quick set page(s) button that allows you to simply click the button to set currently opened windows to the Homepage.
  • NOTE: If you've customized your Start Page grid, this might be a quicker option.
  • 1. With Browser Edge Open
  • 2. To be used in Step-4
  • 2.1 Highlight/Select: and Copy (Ctrl+C)
  • - and/or -
  • 2.2 Type into the browser's address bar and press Enter.

Quick Steps

  • 1. With Edge Browser Open
  • 2. Click on the Edge Menu Icon (Hamburger/3-Bars Icon), in the upper right corner.
  • NOTE: Next step (2.1) will go full screen.
  • 2.1 From the expanded Menu, Select Settings.
  • 3. Select Home and under New Windows and Tabs, Select Custom URLs (drop-down menu).
  • TIP: If you did the "Pre-Steps" - Simply clicking the [button] 'Use Current Pages' will add all open tabs.
  • TIP: If multiple pages/tabs, the "|" (pipe, w/o quotes) separates sites/tabs.
  • 4. Enter/Type or Paste (Ctrl+P) into the 'Homepage and new windows' text field and press Enter.
  • 5. Exit (X) the Settings page
  • 6. Test by clicking the Homepage icon.

Pictured Steps

  • 1. With the Edge Browser Open
  • 2. Click on the Edge Menu Icon () in the upper right corner.
  • NOTE: Step 2.1 will go full screen.
  • 2.1 Select "Settings" (see above).
  • 3. Select Start, home, and new tabs and under the Section 'When Edge starts', Select radio button 'Open these pages' and click [button] Add a new page.
  • 4. Enter the 'Add a new page' text field and press Add [button].
  • 5. Confirm Step-5 and Step-6